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Preparation of labs for tests of the freeze dryer equipped with microwaves

Final tests of the freeze dryer equipped with microwaves will be carried out in labs of SINTEF. For safety reasons the freeze dryer will placed inside protection sleeve equipped with sealing and quick release lock.

The protection sleeve will also be equipped with a side extraction and ventilation duct where gasses can be evacuated.

Simulation of the lyophilisation process

Based on the geometric model of the computational domain shown in the figure below

a simulation model of the lyophilisation  process is currently being developed. The computer code generated in the Matlab package is then coupled (at each time step) with the code generated in the Ansys / Fluent package. The obtained numerical results are also compared with the results of thermal measurements.

Lyophilisator already in the lab

Experimental tests with the referenced and modified lyophilisator will be carried out in the SUT laboratory where the test rigs of the hydro-fluidisation freezing method and the natural R744 ejector-based refrigeration units are located. The FrostX lyophilisator was already delivered in the lab. The collected experimental data will be used to evaluate the performance of the reference unit and also to validate the CFD model of the standard solution.